Photo copyright  Anita Pouchard Serra

Photo copyright Anita Pouchard Serra

Camille Aubry is a Bristol-based French illustrator and graphic novel artist who studied architecture before completing the MA Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts. Her architectural training has contributed to ground her art practice in the documentation of social and urban micro-activist initiatives, where the city landscape is either the background or the subject of her stories. She is a founding member and official illustrator of the French multidisciplinary collective Sans plus Attendre with whom she has worked and exhibited throughout France and mainland Europe. In her work Camille strikes to observe any social unit as a micro-society and that includes the one of the nuclear family with her graphic novel 'A Journey To Motherhood', long listed for the Laydeez do Comics Prize 2018. As a side project to this long form graphic novel her self-published book of cartoons 'Toddler Moments' was selected as part of the April line-up for the Laydeez do Comics event and recently described in Broken Frontier as a "witty spin on the trials of parenthood".